Ford hints reopening Ontario’s economy may happen quicker than planned

The premier hinted Monday that the reopening of Ontario’s economy may be done quicker than his government’s current plan.

By BT Toronto

The premier hinted Monday that the reopening of Ontario’s economy may be done quicker than his government’s current plan.

Doug Ford said, “there’s no one that wants to open this province up more than I do, we’re very very close, we’ll be sitting down with the new chief medical officer of health, Dr. Moore, and we’ll get his advice, and if he gives us the green light — lets get this province open and start moving, I can’t wait, I really can’t.”

“The only few things that aren’t open are, you know, the indoor dining which is going to happen, and really outside of the casinos and the strip joints, they’re the only three things that aren’t open now, I’ll be honest with you, everything else seems to be moving forward but again we have to be cautious about the delta variant, and the gyms.”

Hair and nail salons and other personal care services are allowed to resume on Wednesday, when the province moves to Step 2 of the Ford government’s reopening plan, but gyms have to stay closed.

Ford is asking gym owners to remain patient.

“The gyms, my heart breaks for the people, we got to get those gyms open, folks just bear with us for a very short period, it’s going to happen, I have to follow the direction of the chief medical officer,” he said.

Outdoor fitness classes are allowed, but nothing indoors is allowed yet.

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