By BT Staff


Ingredients (1portion):


Yellowtail sashimi 60g/6slices

Serano chilli 4g

Red onion 6g

Red cherry tomato 5g

Yellow cherry tomato 5g

Micro cilantro 1g

Yuzu juice and soy sauce mix 30g

Purple potato chips 5g

Truffle oil 5g




  1. Slice and wash the red onion.
  2. Chop the chilli and wash for 20minutes under cold water.
  3. Slice the tomatoes in thin slices.
  4. Take the yellowtail sashimi slices and place into a small mixing bowl.
  5. Add yuzu juice and soy sauce, and mix using chopsticks.
  6. Add the red onion, chilli, tomatoes and truffle oil.
  7. Lightly mix again using chopsticks – Be careful not to break the fish.
  1. Garnish with purple potato chips and micro cilantro.



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